Shared Windows XP Printer With Vista/Win7

For a while I have had a simple shared printer on a Windows XP machine. I added it to my Windows Vista Laptop and all was good. The problem started when I went to add the printer to my Windows Vista desktop that runs a 64Bit version of windows. If I installed the printer using Plug N Play via USB it installed and worked great but it just wouldn’t add in as a network printer. Today I had some spare time and thought right, this is silly I can sort this! If you have having the same problem here is how to install the network printer with the drivers you want!

Start by heading over to the printer’s window.
Start > Control Panel > Printers

Then click Add Printer. Click Add Local Printer, yes local printer not network!

Click Create Local Port and select Local Port. When the wizard prompts for the Port Name enter the network printer address. (\\server\printer) The wizard will then allow you to select a windows driver or browse to the driver for the printer.

I hope you find this helpful!

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