Blog moved / Server migration!

I have decided to try out a new VPS provided DamnVPS, now call ThrustVPS. If you are seeing this post your DNS has changed over to the new server. 😀 The new server is running on an Xen HVM platform allowing me to install almost any OS I like using vnc as if it was a real machine, which is really cool. CheapVPS, the provider of my old server that I still have are moving towards KVM which is basically the same thing.

My first impressions of ThrustVPS have been good, they gave me a free server for a month to be part of the beta testing program that now gives me 15% off. 😀 So I am currently paying £5.95/month for the specs listed below.

Plan name: Aquatic
Plan type: UK Xen HVM

512MB RAM, 512MB Swap
15GB Disk Space
1TB Transfer
1 IP
Linux/BSD/Windows (chosen after setup)

Not bad for £5.95, not bad at all! But hopefully the service will be good and not acompromise! The new server is running CentOS 5.5 as was the old server, the VPS being hardware virtualised allows me to easily load the modules for iptables to allow for FTP to work through the firewall as well as create interfaces for the OpenVPN.

So far I am happy with the new server I have migrated most of my services such as teamspeak3, all domains, VPN, Database server and soon will be moving the others like my master name server

I will do a review of the server after a month or so. If anyone is having problems accessing any servers/services I run please flush you DNS cache and restart your router if your router caches DNS requests. If this fails please feel free to email me.

100MB test files for both servers below. (I was getting 1.2mb/s on both old and new :D)



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