Dell XPS 420 1 3 4 Error

I thought I better post some stuff so I thought I would blog about a PC I recently repaired which seems to be a common problem with the Dell XPS in question. Sometime last week I got a call for a friend saying his PC was not starting and the fan would just run full blast. Now I am no fan of Dell computers even though I have a dell studio 15 laptop that I very happy with 😀 He told me the error was 1 3 4 on the dell diagnostics panel which was not in the manual. So after some “googling” most people said they had the motherboard replaced witch was not a good sign and after changing out the ram, graphic card and PSU as well disconnecting everything we could, we thought it must be the motherboard. We rang dell and talked to many different Indians and they said it was the graphics card….. but we had changed it for a spare one I had. So we and the people in the computer shop throught it must be the motherboard. So we ordered a new TP406 motherboard at the cost of £112 from the Techguys in Currys.

After a day or so had passed I kept thinking if it is not the motherboard its going to be a costly mistake for my friend. I thought of one last option, I could use the very basic graphics from my 4u server that used to be in my old gaming machine and the Dell came back to life! Thank God we found that out before changing the motherboard! We went back to Currys thinking I guess we will have to pay a 20% restocking charge but this was not the case he received the full £112 back 😀

After working on this Dell XPS I was shocked to see it only had a 375w PSU! It being a gaming machine! He also opted for the raid 0 version so his data would will be lost if we didn’t get his drives connected to the same type of raid controller. Dell also quoted £180 for a Nvida 8600 which was one crazy price to pay for that card!

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