New rack KVM

It’s been too long since I have last posted on this blog! So as I am busy at the moment I thought I would just post up some pictures of my network and some of my new toys. The new 1U keyboard, mouse and video tray that I have used to replace the LCD and standard keyboard and mouse is really cool but the keyboard was dead when I got it :( but after taking it to bits I found the bad connection and all is now well :) I will post some pictures of that below.

New rack KVM! (rack has the front door and one side removed)

The bad connector that has to be reseated

The connector was in at an angle so the keyboard was not work, but the mouse was. Both the keyboard use this connected. Over all I am happy with it and works fine with my Belkin 8 port rack Mount KVM switch and it will free up some space for me to move some stuff around in the rack 😀

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