Linux Golden Eye Source Beta 4 Server

I have been trying to get a Linux GES Beta 4 server to work but have been getting errors as it requires a later version of GLIBCXX…… I am running CentOS 5.5 so the packages are not always that up to date, as the CentOS project focuses on stability and compatibility with Red Hat the upstream vendor. Fedora the another fork of Red Hat is a distribution that is focused on having the latest packages. So this being said we can use a Fedora rpm to update my CentOS server and hopefully not break the server…..


Download the rpm using the above link to find mirror, use wget to download and use the rpm –U libs*.rpm to install the package.

Please use this guide at your own risk! Special thanks to zennik from the GES formus.,4954.0.html

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Setting up OpenVPN (client)

I’ve been meaning to create a guide to installing and setting up the OpenVPN client as I have had to walk people through the process over Teamspeak so many times. So I have finally got round to making version one of the tutorial. I am planning to create another tutorial explaining how to get Age of the Empires III working with the VPN. Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

OpenVPN Install and Configure (PDF)

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New rack KVM

It’s been too long since I have last posted on this blog! So as I am busy at the moment I thought I would just post up some pictures of my network and some of my new toys. The new 1U keyboard, mouse and video tray that I have used to replace the LCD and standard keyboard and mouse is really cool but the keyboard was dead when I got it :( but after taking it to bits I found the bad connection and all is now well :) I will post some pictures of that below.

New rack KVM! (rack has the front door and one side removed)

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Dell XPS 420 1 3 4 Error

I thought I better post some stuff so I thought I would blog about a PC I recently repaired which seems to be a common problem with the Dell XPS in question. Sometime last week I got a call for a friend saying his PC was not starting and the fan would just run full blast. Continue reading

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Blog moved / Server migration!

I have decided to try out a new VPS provided DamnVPS, now call ThrustVPS. If you are seeing this post your DNS has changed over to the new server. 😀 Continue reading

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Teamspeak 3 Server Update

I thought I would do a little post on updating a Linux (CentOS 5) Teamspeak 3 server as I haven’t posted much on here. As Teamspeak 3 is still in the beta stages, even through it’s very stable it gets patched a lot. This being said most server patches do not affect clients from connecting to the server, it will simply warn you some features may not function correctly. When I went to connect to my server I was confronted with the following error.

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DIY Rack Mount PDU ?

I made my own rack mounts for my power strips sometime ago but I thought I would post it on my blog as it saved me a few notes. I made them with some scrap plywood that cost me nothing and some right angled brackets. The right angled brackets had to be modified simply by putting a second bend into them so they could screw into the plywood. As it happens the holes in the brackets were to be the correct size for me to simply bolt them to the rails in the rack without further modifications. 😀 All I had to do then was use some self taping screws and screw them into the plywood so the extension lead could lock onto the plywood.

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Backup system overhual

Now I have more free time after completing most of my 6th form work, I can work on my list of things that I need to do on my main server, called For all my backups I use rdiff-backup over an SSH session using SSH keys so the backup can run without human interaction. The system works great but the server I use to store the backups belongs to a friend of mine and does not have much hard drive space. The problem is that I sometimes I upload large ISO files that take up a large amount of backup space and they don’t really need to be backed up. These large ISO files are not all in one directory, so I want to configure a text file that I can add directories to be excluded.

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Free VPS ?

Damnvps is planning to do a beta testing program so you can get yourself a free VPS for a month 😀 The company is new in terms of providing virtual servers but from what I can gather Russell Foster is heading up the operations. Russell was responsible for starting up and running the famous Vaserv that traded using brand names such as a2b2, Cheapvps, Fsckvps and some other names. From what I can gather the company will be cheaper than Vaserv but don’t know the actual figure. So why not get a free VPS to play with and help the guys at Damnvps iron out the bugs and get a discount code for the service when its ready for production at the same time!

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My blog is online!

At long long last I have found the time to get my blog up and running and made a theme that is not too shocking! I will be blogging about all thing techie on here and hope to make my posts informative so that hopefully someone will find them useful 😀

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